Monday, June 4, 2007

Lazy Bones

Wow, time flies? I have been MIA for too long with no good excuse other than sheer laziness. Here are the updates for the last three weeks:

Disneyland was wonderful. Busy and exhausting, but wonderful. Thank goodness for Crocs, because ugly as they may be, they saved my feet and sanity. We did have a super time, and the weather, while milder than I had hoped for, was fine. There were flowers and palm trees a-plenty so that made up for the foggy,chilly mornings. I did manage to also track down some Tea Collection at South Coast Plaza and spent a fortune at Pumpkin Patch in Anaheim! Yay or Yikes... some of both, I think.

We got to meet Azriah upon our return, and she is everything we had heard she was. A sweet delicate girly little baby. And do I mean little!! Gavan didn't even want to hold her because she was so tiny, but I made him. I have a feeling ours won't be quite that small, but he might as well start getting used to it now. I didn't realize how little experience he had had with actual infants. He is great with kids of all kinds, but newborns are a whole new ball of wax for him. It did make my heart melt to see him holding Azriah, so I can't imagine how I'll feel when I see him hold his son for the first time.

We did a repeat u/s when we got back from our trip, due to our cheeky baby not being in a great position at the 18 week one, and the tech confirmed the sex again, so I am feeling pretty confidant that all those cute things I bought won't be put to waste.

We are into week 25 now and I'm still feeling great. Gav finally got to feel the monkey from the outside which was cool. The weather has been gorgeous, and I do love it although I am having to faithfully check my rings each day to make sure I can still get them off. I have had to put away some of my closed toe shoes as my feet are definetly swelling in the heat. FUN. Flip flops at work are soooo professional, but what the heck... I'm comfortable.

Gav's mom, Roz,bought us an Amby baby, and I found some awesome crib bedding at Home Sense. I agonized over buying it, because I really had my heart set on the Boy/Girl set from Warm Biscuit, but this was less than a 1/4 of the price. Had I seen it first, I would have loved it, but I had built up this whole vision of what I wanted the nursery to look like based on the Boy/Girl bedding. A rare thing occured and frugality won this round. The bedding is the Circus set by Banana Fish, which is a red plaid and cream chenille with a very vintage toile circus scene on the crib sheet.

Tres cute, (although it that photo does NOT do it justice), but I have figured out a way to have my cake and eat it to. I am going to order the Boy/Girl fabric from the Warm Biscuit set I truly love and have it made into a crib sheet for the set I bought. I'll just put the Circus sheet aside for emergencies. I will probably also get Granny Roz to sew a matching valance/curtains so really I get the look I wanted at a way lower cost. The colors blend perfectly so I think it will work. Yay me! I think it will be so adorable, and we have bought a cherry red Adirondack style folding rocker and a gorgeous vintage shelf already, so it will all go perfectly. Now we just need a wall and a door. Yes I prioritize very well.

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