Saturday, November 10, 2007

Baby Brown Bear with Blue eyes?

Lately several people have commented to me that they believe Malachi will have blue eyes. This seems strange and impossible to me, although I do have to admit, they are becoming lighter in colour... changing from the slate blue-gray of newborness to a truer shade of blue around his pupil.
Thyra had us all fooled as well though. I remember everyone believing that it would be impossible for her to have any other colour except blue, and here she is with a warm ambery hazel.

This eye-calculator is a fun way to waste some time predicting future offspring's eye color. Of course you could map out the alleles the long way if you've recently brushed up on your grade 11 biology.

With Gavan and I as parents, we only have a 10% chance of having a blue-eyed child, so if Malachi's eyes do in fact remain as such, we will have really hit the genetic lottery big time. More likely is something along Thyra's eye colour as we have a 39% chance of green-eyed kids or 50% chance of brown eyed little beauties.

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