Sunday, August 17, 2008

Great Girl Campout 2008

I do reserve most of the posts here for all things baby-related, but I would hate to give the impression that my charming, adorable daughter Thyra, is not equally important in my life. She is an integral part of our family, my only girl and the greatest kid on the planet. No seriously. That is not just some over-ebullient praise from a proud parent, she really is an amazing little human. Everyone thinks so, not just this mama. Aside from being super easy-going, mature, responsible, gorgeous, funny and a wonderful hard-working, gifted student, she is also a huge help to me at home. She never complains about her status as "errand-girl", and does so much to help out with Malachi and the household chores. In turn I do try to celebrate her, and carve out time for her alone so that she is not overlooked in the shuffle and knows how much we appreciate everything she is and does.

This summer I promised her a sleepover with all of her friends. She smiled and said sure, and totally doubted it would ever happen. Well happen it did. And although it took me the better part of the weekend to recover, I am hoping this becomes an annual tradition f0r her and her friends. It was the classic tween party with lots of squealing and giggles, but I did a more quantitative breakdown of exactly what it takes to host a 10 year old and her six friends for the night:

24 hotdogs
24 buns
10 cobs of corn
3 bags of chips
1 watermelon
1 bag of marshmallows
1 box of graham crackers
4 chocolate bars
2 12 packs of Stewarts orange pop/rootbeer
12 buttermilk pancakes
1 L of whipped cream
1 lb each of strawberries/blueberries
3 bananas
2 cans of OJ
2 pkgs bacon
1 8 man tent
20 buckets of hot water for the make-shift hot tub in the kiddie pool
10 towels
1 box full of firewood
hours of giggling
and not very much sleep!

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