Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Auld Lang Syne

Another year.

2008 blew by like snow off a roof, leaving only a cloud of sparkling mist as evidence of its existence.

We were surprised, at the start of the new year, by the discovery that I was somehow, almost miraculously, pregnant.

Shock gave way to anxiety and then joy as we welcomed Kashton Shepherd Brown into our arms and hearts in September.

Thyra and Malachi celebrated hallmark birthdays. Thyra has a whole decade under her belt now, and our baby boy turned one. What a thrill to watch my little girl grow up and to experience all the highs and highers, (ok, and a few sleepless nights), that come in a baby's first year. It was a crazy fun, if exhausting, ride.

Princeton and Susie were wed and became homeowners.

We travelled to Hawaii in May to enjoy some sun, sand and surf before life took a chaotic turn. It was just we needed, even if I did discover that travelling with a baby isn't so much a holiday as it is an "experience".

On a sadder note there was so much loss this year, and none was felt more keenly than that of our dearest Donna. We grieved her passing in June.

And celebrated as Duane found love again and married our life-long friend Laverne a few days ago.

We heralded the births of many little ones, Jace, Yasmin, India, and 2008 brought us much news of what we look forward to in 2009 in terms of new arrivals.

Like every other year, 2008 poured it all out from its mixed-bag of life, leaving nothing behind. I wonder what I've learned, and if I've changed.

I'm bound and determine not to make resolutions for 2009, but I can't help but hope that a year from now I'll be a little better.

A better mother and wife.
A better friend.
A better Christian. (which takes care of all the rest I'd say.)

I hope there will be less wasted time and fewer missed opportunities.

What are your hopes for this shiny clean slate of 2009?

From our hearts to yours........

Happy New Year!

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