Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A pacifier by any other name.....

would still a soother be. Or in our case a "Doo", a nickname we unapologetically stole from the Hughes household.

Let me tell you, Malachi is totally addicted. He likes to have as many as he can within reach at all times. Its cute and annoying at the same time. One of his first words was "Dooooo", said over and over in the most pathetic pleading and longing tone, until his "precious" was procured.

When Thyra decided at 9 months that she was over the soother habit, I felt proud and a wee bit smug that my child was not going to be one of those pre-schoolers drawing scorn and ire from the "how-children-should-act" police because she still had a binky. Now, with Malachi firmly ensconced in his baby-crack addiction, and at 18 months showing no sign of letting up, I have a little more sympathy for the mothers of toddlers with habits.

I do limit his use somewhat, especially now that he is trying to talk; a mouth full of Doo isn't particularly helpful to us parental plebes in trying to decipher his alien dialect, nor am I excited about lining my local orthodontist's pocket any more than necessary. But there are times when nothing else will "doo".

It comes in awful handy for shushing noisy babies during church, for transitioning into sleep at bedtime, for longish car rides (anything over 10 minutes), and for preventing mini eruptions from becoming out and out riots. Not to mention, I can't imagine that toddler logic is quite developed enough for Malachi to understand why Baby can have a Doo and he can't, thus thwarting any attempts I'd make to wean him off.

And so the Doo remains. I have actually armed myself with all sorts of facts and wisecracks to ward off naysayers, did you know child's need to suck doesn't actually dissipate until age 2 or 3), but I've discovered something:

I don't care!

He's happy, I'm sane, and everyone else can go suck... well... whatever it is you want.  I promise not to raise an eyebrow.


letisha said...

HA HA Ha...great post!
I Love it!
I think it is great that he has a "doo". Something to sooth him and make him happy... and when he is happy, you are happy!
Jackson never got onto his, but if he did, i would feel the same way as you.

Mrs.Pear said...

I'd have to agree...I was so proud when Zara was 1 day-old and could suck that soother like there was no tomorrow and it doesn't bother me one bit that she still uses it through the majority of the day. I dread the day when its time to give it up...

Anonymous said...

i want a doo

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