Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ladies Man

My little heart-breaker has been a smooching machine lately.

There is something so wonderful about seeing your child act lovingly to others. To know that they are capable of affection and empathy.

But while I think it's terribly cute to see him lean in tenderly to kiss a friend or cousin, what really tugs at my heart-strings is when he stands behind me, wraps his little arms around my neck, leans over and gives me a big smack on the cheek or lips. Totally unprompted, totally unrequested and totally rewarding.

Inspite of all the times I fail as a mother, my little son LOVES me.


sassta said...

tres adoreable

Cody, Amanda and Kade said...

You are a great mommy...can't wait for the kisses for sure....he is definately a little heartbreaker...soooooooo cute.

letisha said...

oh, that is adorable!
hugs and kisses from your little man,
Nothing beats it!

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