Sunday, April 5, 2009

What the first day of Eleven looks like


Someone please tell me quick that I am nowhere near being old enough to have a daughter who is ELEVEN! Yep that's right, my little girl had her 11th birthday today, and I can't believe how much she's grown in the last year. Grown in size and grown in maturity, and might I add grown in smart-alecky-ness as well.

Yes, the teenage years are descending swiftly upon us, but I'm strangely looking forward to it. It's fun to have a daughter who is growing up into someone that I can relate to in a whole new way. In fact her request for gifts this year fell very much into the "clothes/giftcard" category, and our present to her is a girl's day at West Edmonton mall next month with a friend for a mini shopping-spree. Yep, I can definitely relate to that! I can't wait!

Last year, I had warned Thyra that the big parties would be over after her 10th birthday, save for milestone occasions, but I couldn't let the day of her birth pass without a little celebration.

We brunched at Heritage Park's Wainwright hotel with Gavan's family and had a double celebration as coincidentally, Thyra shares a birthday with Gavan's mom Roslyn. Happy birthday to Grandma Roz too!

After brunch and gospel meeting, we invited some of Thyra's friends back to the house for a little impromptu party and had some pizza and ice cream cake to fete the occasion. Considering she spent Friday night with Roz at the Alberta Ballet's production of Alice in Wonderland (which Roz worked on and thus was able to take Thyra backstage even, after the show), and had a great day with her dad and family on Saturday, Thyra was royally spoiled and I think its safe to say she enjoyed her weekend thoroughly.


letisha said...

happy happy birthday! What a lucky mom you are to have such a sweet girl!

robin said...

happy birthday Thyra!!! What a doll for a daughter you have!

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