Sunday, June 28, 2009

Auntie Rhondda

Gavan's auntie, Rhondda Melgren passed away this morning in Auckland (Monday am in NZ). She was only 43. She leaves behind her husband Simon, and three children Elliott, Janelle and Jarrod.

I am so sorry that Gavan, who just arrived yesterday, didn't get there in time to meet her. And now we will never have that pleasure either. I am sure however, that Roz will be so grateful for the opportunity to spend those last days with her sister and know it will mean a lot that Susie and Princeton were able to see her last summer on their honeymoon.

As someone who also lost a parent when I was a child, my heart sympathizes and hurts for the immense loss those children will suffer. I hope they are comforted by all the wonderful memories they have of their mum in the days ahead.

We are an ocean away, and have never met, but as family nonetheless our hearts, thoughts and prayers are very near to all those that mourn her loss.

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Anonymous said...

I found out this morning from Glen Eden Baptist Kindergarten that Rhondda had passed away.

I am in shock, truly I am, and very upset. I first met Rhondda pretty much soon after arriving in New Zealand in 2004, when my son Simeon and my stepson Lewis were at kindy, and it was her and another lady, Jo, who made me feel more settled because I didn’t know anyone and had no family over here. They became like a surrogate family to me – always checking if I was ok, and helping me if I was down.

I was so pleased when Rhondda came back to kindy recently, because I knew that my 3 year old daughter, Anoushka, would be around the ever-smiling, ever-jolly Rhondda that Simeon and Lewis both loved.

My deepest condolences and sympathies to your family. She will be sorely missed, but always ALWAYS fondly remembered.

Rebecca Jones (Auckland, New Zealand)

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