Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O Canada

I am a proud Canadian.

I feel lucky that my Dad picked Canada to make his home and immigrated here to have a better life.

I love raising my children in a land with so many freedoms and opportunities. Of course we have problems, there are issues a-plenty and things that need fixing. But you don't have to look too far or hard to know that we are fortunate to live here. And today I am reminded that we take for granted so many simple liberties that others struggle for the world over.

I love the diversity of Canada. Its multi-culturalism. That I can raise my children to worship how ever we choose, without fear. That differences are tolerated and even celebrated. That the color of your skin, your religion and your political ideals are accepted without question.

I love the geography of our vast and wonderful country. The majestic rocky mountains, and sparkling seas. Forests, prairies, tundra, every imaginable landscape... all unique and beautiful in their own right. I love that there are 4 seasons here, and that even though grumbling about snow and winter are part of the Canadian experience, I would miss it if suddenly we had summer all year long. I can't wait for hockey season, and how it is so engrained in Canadian identity. I do look forward every fall to watching as many games possible be they NHL, World Juniors, or Olympic.

I love the reputation Canadians have across the world, and the respect it lends when travelling overseas. I love Canadian "niceness".

I am so proud and priveleged to be a Canadian.

Happy Canada Day!


(And to my husband: don't think for one second that this little love letter to home and native land means that I will ever think the name "Canada" is suitable for any real or
imaginary children we may or probably will not have in the future.)

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Lori said...

Your hubby seriously wants to name a child Canada?! I haven't heard that one before :)
I miss Canada for most everything you mentioned. But have no valid complaints about the USA! Besides the government but we won't start that, every country has that! Hard to believe that I can become a citizen in a year.

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