Friday, October 16, 2009

Malachi so far.

 2009-09-01 010
I'm trying to post photos of Kashton's birthday, but realized I haven't posted photos of Malachi's birthday, so (sigh), the attempt at keeping things even-steven between the siblings is meaning everything is actually really fair, because I'm not posting anything about anyone!

Malachi however is pretty hilarious these days. Like really. If our home is just a digestive gut of the human emotion, he is the comedic fibre keeping us regular. (I'm not really sure that analogy works quite the way I hoped it would.) He's also at that PDC (Pretty-Darn-Cute) stage. I am a HUGE fan of 2 year olds, and now that one of my own little men falls into that category, I have to tell you this parenting thing feels like it could never be any more awesome than it is right now.

Here are some of the things I am so loving about the stage he is in these days:

Every morning I hear him calling from his crib, "MOM....TIIIIYA!" (Tiiiya is for Thyra, his big sister.) And when one of us decides to finally rescue him from his crib he rewards his benefactor with sleepy eyes and smile and a big ol' "MOAH-NIN'".

And if he is in his bed and not his crib he will just get up and come and find us which means crawling into our bed where usually I am trying to nurse his brother back to sleep. The cutest thing about this is that he will snuggle up to his brother's back, wrap a protective arm around his waist and rain kisses down upon his head. Apparently Malachi can't resist those curls either.

His toddler speak is pretty comical these days too. He's at the stage where he is not quite speaking full sentences, but stringing a few words together so that you get the gist of what he wants.

"Moah Milkies Peeeze" (More milk please)

"Kashie eat Paper" (Thank you Malachi. Contrary to most parenting ideas, tattling is encouraged and rewarded in the Brown household.)

"Moo Moo crying" (Usually after he has ripped a toy from his hands or thumped him over the head with a truck or woken him prematurely from a nap.)

He plays little jokes on us, like hiding behind doors and coffee tables while one of us is asking, "Where's Malachi?", genuinely concerned, and then he pops out at us, laughing hysterically. He does anything he knows is guaranteed to make us laugh ad nauseum.

For example, right after his first birthday he started the strangest of moves, where he tilts his head all the way back, points to the ceiling and says in the huskiest voice, a pretty good old-man impression, "Noooo Noooo!". The first to witness it was Thyra and I in a mall food court and we literally split our sides laughing as did the lady at the table next to us. I figured it was a stage and would pass into toddler oblivion, but it has remained to this day, unaltered, and is a favorite he pulls out occasionally with impressive comedic timing. Meaning, he's about to get in trouble.

Speaking of getting in trouble, he has the art of fake smiling down to a science and can drop me a killer face, charming in its insincerity, by simply observing the scowl on my own face.

All of this he comes by totally honestly. With the father and grand-father this kid has, he has no choice but to give in to instinct and his genetic make-up and ham it up... often with a side of applesauce.


r.a.d.e tarves said...

Age 2 is my favorite stage too - sounds like Malachi has a great personality - a real entertainer! And cute on top of it all! Watch out for the ladies, Mom!

Morgan said...

CUTE! I love reading stories about kids that age. 2 is such a fun age!

Anonymous said...

handsome bloke i'd say!

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