Monday, December 21, 2009

Dancing Queen

Ok, so technically it is Monday, but I have so much to do over the next few days, (unless I give in to my urge to abandon it all and take the kids to Fairmont for a short vacation while Gavan works).  With one of our major events of the season over, I still have some things to do in preparation of the big event.  (Which really means finding my stretchiest waistband in anticipation of Christmas dinner at my mom's... mmmmm.)

Anyway, because I am so busy and won't any time for the internet (right?!), I just wanted to leave you with this video of one of my favorite little people.

Ava is my cousin's daughter.  Almost 4 years old.  Full of spunk and energy.  A regular spitfire, original, sharp as a tack, hilarious, and a chip off the old block.

She is the 3rd one in from the right in this video.  I'm sure you won't miss her.   Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

quite appreciated )

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