Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grand Slams all around!

I'm glad I stumbled across these photos today.  (Fuzzily taken by my iphone.)

I had forgotten to blog about this little outing we had in February with Patty-Jo, and her adorable kids, Cora and Kipp. 

Denny's was offering a Free Grand Slam day to anyone who showed up before 2pm, so knowing that Patty-Jo is a girl who loves a deal, I called her up and we met for lunch.  

As it was noon, and there was free grub to be had we expected it to be crazy busy, and to have to wait for a table. Much to our surprise, we were shown immediately to large corner booth.  The waitress was awesome, efficient and friendly, she knew just what was needed when of the six of us eating, four were under three years old.  (Napkins, napkins and more napkins.)

It really doesn't get much better than a free meal with a great friend does it?  

We will just ignore the part following our lovely lunch, where Malachi managed to lock the doors to the vehicle, a grand slam of his own...which I discovered after I had strapped Kashton into his carseat, and shut his door.  Meaning the baby, screaming at the top of his lungs, was locked inside with the keys, while Malachi and I waited outside, quite helplessly, for Gavan to come and rescue us.  

I must shamefully admit that this is the second time Malachi has managed to pull off this little feat.  Oh my, is that as embarrassing as I think it is? The first time I swore I'd learned my lesson; do not sit young child on the front passenger seat with the keys where he is in reach of the lock buttons, while you are buckling younger sibling in the back.  And even though that time, Kashton, who was bundled up snuggly and completely unaware of his plight, fell sound asleep immediately, and the cavalry soon arrived with the spare set of keys, I was very certain that this would never happen again. 

Note to self:  never say never when it comes to parenting toddlers.


koralee said...

Oh my favourite thing to do is go out for breakfast..I am a morning person so I would enjoy a grand slam or two. Have a wonderful evening. xoxo

letisha said...

oh wow! I have never been to a "Grand slam"...sounds like my kinda meal! I love breakfast anytime of day!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Going out for breakfast makes me daydream... Over here in the Netherlands it's not something people do. It makes me dream of the Holidays!
Have a great day, i'm off to read some of your past posts, your blog is lovely!

Anonymous said...

i miss our Dennys experiences that were oh so odd )

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