Monday, May 17, 2010

I survived A Day Out With Thomas…. now where’s my t-shirt?


What we did this weekend that had both my boys smiling from ear to ear, and shrieking like tween girls at a Jonas Brothers sighting (ok… maybe it was just Kashton doing the shrieking):

024 Malachi getting his first glimpse

028  023

Kashton was blissfully asleep when we got there and had no idea what he was missing.


Malachi meeting Sir Topham Hatt


029 030 051 032

As Thomas was making his rounds through the park, the little boys nearby would go running up as fast as they could to get a closer glimpse.  This was when Kashton would begin his high-pitched shrieking of “Thomas!!  Thomas!!”

058 077

On the train with their Certificates

067 070

The funniest part of the whole day was watching Kashie wave to all the bystanders the whole train ride…

he kept saying, “Bye Guys!” and waving with all his might

081 082


The Number One engine with his number one fans


Ok seriously, could we just get one photo with everyone looking at the camera, eyes OPEN??


letisha said...

hey...when were you there?!?!?!?!?! maybe we walked right past you and didn't even know it! check out my blog in a couple of days and it will look very similar to yours!!!! HAHAHAHHAHA It was fabulous, eh?!?! Jackson was lovin' it! I have to admit...i am a fan too. I love Thomas!! {better than pokemon!}

Anonymous said...

What a fab big sister to go along with that on a Saturday. Love the pictures. And the commentary that goes along with them. Always love the commentary.


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