Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two girls and a camera

What to do when it’s the long weekend, the boys are sick, and your daughter and niece (who is spending the weekend), are bored out of their minds?  Round them up and take them out for an impromptu photo shoot.   These two are old pros at the dressing-up-and-snapping some pics routine, although it usually involves a cell phone camera and some interesting outfits and poses.

I’d like to maybe enlarge one of these for Grandma, so pick your favorite!


010 copy


020 021 076

033b 028b 054 055




038037066 069043 042 050  051



WadenLeaStewart said...

Great job on the pics!!! I love them.. Its hard to believe that Thyra is that old already:) I must admit i'm not sure if it was your exceptional photography skills or your gorgeous models.

Our Service Crew said...

beautiful shots of both girls!

sassta said...

wow- those pics really blew me away- what a bunch of babes!!

letisha said...

those pictures are beautiful! Love the hair/waves in the breeze... and the pink. Great job!

r.a.d.e tarves said...

Two gorgeous girls.. watch out boysssssss(etc...)! :0)
You did a fabulous job of capturing them Sharmi!

Kinda makes me weepy to think that they are little 'women' and not so much 'girls' now....

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