Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Off the list.

One of the few goals I want to accomplish is to have both boys fully potty-trained before the baby comes.  With Malachi not potty-trained until he was three, I didn't know if this was realistic, but luckily in our home we have a severe case of "Monkey See, Monkey Do" going on, and Kashton has nicely followed along in his brother's footsteps.  They do have one little odd difference:  Malachi insists on using the regular toilet, and Kashton prefers the potty seat.  They have gotten to be experts at setting up the toilet, exactly how they like it, and Kashton has to flush every time, whether he goes or not.  

We still have some things to work on, such as night-time training, but for the most part I am pretty pleased.  And you can probably tell from these photos, that Kashton is pretty pleased too. 


Anonymous said...

i likey!

Lori said...

He is so stinkin' cute!

letisha said...

Oh my goodness. He is so cute!!! Nice to see pictures of your boys growing up.
Feel like this baby is coming so fast and, yet somedays I feel like it can't come fast enough. Do u feel the same way?!
Looking forward to seeing pictures when the new addition comes!

Reagan Andrea Dylan Emarie and Jude said...

Helloo long, lost friend!:) Thanks for an update - I know you're busy, so don't feel guilty..! How are you feeling?! Kaston is a real sweetie - great job on the potty training bit!
I need to get focused and get Jude finished up... It might end up being this summer tho! :)

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