Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Christmas day, 2010.

My little girl is 13 today.

A bonafide teenager.  (Even though she has looked and acted the part for much longer.)

I could use this post to tell you how amazing she is, but I think you all know how I feel about that kid.

So instead, I have been thinking about what I wish for Thyra, on this occasion, as she enters young adulthood.

Firstly, as a mom, I understand even if I don't completely love the idea, that these years are years of independence.  Of learning to navigate the world on your own.  I hope that even as she desires freedom from us, and a chance to spread her wings, that her need of God only deepens.  That she continues to understand that she requires His guidance to get safely through all the experiences and challenges the next few years may bring.  I hope, as her mother that I will always point her in that direction and support her spiritual growth.

I wish for Thyra a deep abiding confidence in who she is and what she believes to be true.  I hope she never wastes her time or energy in trying to win the approval of her peers or boys, but instead knows a true longing to be approved of God.  I hope she comes to understand that those who truly love her will love those same qualities in her that God desires.

I hope she never loses the value of hard work.  It's easy to give up the interest in working hard when there are friends seeking your attention, and boys to flirt with and all sorts of activities on the social calendar, but I hope she never abandons her work ethic for pure fun.   I wish I had kept a little more of that in my teenage years.

That being said, I hope she has lots of amazing experiences in the next few years and enjoys this time of her life as much as possible.  The responsibilities of adulthood come upon us too soon, and I truly hope she takes full advantage of this brief, but special time in her life.

I hope she always understands how incredibly special she is to me, and to Gavan, her brothers and to our families.  Sometimes, when there are little kids around requiring constant help and attention, it is easy to overlook the capable bigger sister.  I hope she always knows that we are here for her always, that her needs are no less important and that she is so special to us.  Our family feels incomplete when she is not with us.

I love this daughter of mine, with every fibre of my being, and wish her the absolute best as she turns thirteen.


Playing with her little brothers in a lovely April Snowstorm.

Kisses for Tosh

She might be 13, but she still loves to be silly!  She bought these mustaches on her recent trip to Victoria.

The "Lanny McDonald" and the "Fu Manchu".


Lori said...

Beautiful, well said. Was making me emotional reading this.
Happy birthday to your amazing girl!

T & J said...

Sharm, this is sooo well written! I had tears in my eyes reading this!! What happened to that little girl that I remember waaay back in 2002 when I stayed with you guys that night? (Do you remember that?? so long ago!! ha!) I wish someone had told me this when I was 13... I think I knew these things all along, but it would have been nice to have someone verbally express this.. :o) Love love love this post... sometimes I still need to remember these things at 27! :o) ~ Jessica

Mori said...

love your writing. you have one gorgeous daughter and the person you want her to grow up to be is a wonderful one.

Reagan Andrea Dylan Emarie and Jude said...

She's a real grown-up sweetie. She's got a beautiful mom, so I'm positive she'll turn out just as beautiful! Happy Birthday Thyra!

Anonymous said...

So sweet Sharmy

letisha said...

Happy Birthday Thyra! Your mom is so lucky to have such a sweet girl like you!!

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