Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The last First Birthday.

Today was a sort of sad day for me.  

My baby turned one.   That's it for us.  Our youngest child has moved on to his second year, and the first just went by in such a blur, that I can hardly believe it's over.

I wish there were some words to explain what a delight this kid is to me.  He's sweet and gooey and soft and scrumptious.  Kind of like one of my Auntie Pauline's legendary homemade fresh-glazed doughnuts.

He is at that perfect stage where his head full of soft little curls comes right up under my chin when we are snuggling.  And lucky for me, snuggling happens to be one of his favorite ways to spend a minute or two.  He is hilarious, like most of them at this age, and sharp as a tack.

He has six teeth, with an additional two halfway in.  We are still nursing.  (I'll let you draw your own conclusions here.)

He sings most of the words to "twinkle twinkle", in his barely decipherable baby babble.  "Uppabubba" for "Up above the".   I think he leans towards the chatterbox side of the family.  His vocabulary consists mainly of hi, bye-bye, mum, dada, puppup, quack quack and his new favorite, "teeeeeeeethhhh" (with a lot of spitting).

Today in true one year old fashion, he crawled all over the house pushing a toy car making vrooom

He is not quite walking, but oh so close and pretty steady on his feet.

He is hilarious, full of antics and giggles.  He is also starting to figure out what it means when mummy says, "no", in that special tone of voice usually reserved for his brothers.

Zephan is honestly the light of my life.  I adore him, like I do his siblings, but with that special feeling reserved for whichever child is exiting this fleeting stage of babyhood.

Don't grow up too fast my sweetheart.... mummy isn't quite ready to give up her baby just yet.

Happy 1st Birthday Zephan.

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