Saturday, January 13, 2007


There is a new life growing inside my body. I am thrilled and grateful.

We knew, once married, that it would not be long before we attempted to add to our little family. The real effort started in September, and thankfully ended with the crosshairs which appeared on the home pregnancy test taken January 10th.

I was feeling sadly smug that there would be slim chance of creating a mini-us this month, but once the symptoms started arriving one after the other, my suspicions began to grow in favor of the potential that we had actually done it!

Gavan was calmly skeptical initially, but eventually was convinced of our impending parental status, and now greets the prospect, and my belly, with potentially dorky affection. Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thyra is perhaps the most excited cheerleader for this new little life. She is so excited at finally becoming a big sister to a sibling that shares the same mother as she. She will be a wonderful help to me as the pregnancy progresses, and once the baby arrives. Her new little brother or sister had no idea how lucky they are to have her for their older sibling. She will be loving, nurturing and a great influence and role-model.

As for everyone else, (of course we spilled the beans immediately... as if I could keep it a secret for even a minute!) there has been joyful reactions to our news. For those who were around for Thyra's birth, the situation is greatly improved this time, and can be received with much more positivity than worry about our future. It feels amazing to CHOOSE to bring a child into the world. To know that the child is coming into a loving home, where both parents are anxious to be there for each other in every way.

Physically, I am feeling not too bad. I have the usual tender breasts, crampiness,queasiness, and pretty mild fatigue. Of course, I am only 4 1/2 wks. along, and the symptoms will most likely worsen as I progress further into the first trimester. Emotionally, I am on a complete high, overjoyed, ecstatic and tickled pink.... or maybe blue.

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