Thursday, March 8, 2007

Name Game

Part of my anticipation of discovering the baby's sex is in order to assist in name choosing. This is Gavan's most hated topic of conversation mostly because conversing really has nothing to do with it. It's more like epic war. We really don't agree on name esthetic and more annoyingly he is extremely good at vetoing the names he doesn't like without proferring any suggestions of his own. Grrr. I'm kind of thinking whoever births the baby gets to name the baby.

In anycase here is the list "we" have come up with:

Malachi (MAL-a-cai) - Front runner so far - prophet of Old Testament
Satchel Close second - bag/explosive device - famous black baseball player and Mia Farrow and Woody Allen's kid. Hmmm, I'm not sure that is a claim to fame.
Titus (more him than me) - bible name/Roman name
Canyon (mostly me) - this has very cool connotations for me and is unusual without being bizarre

Paisley - Love the pattern, originally scottish but now very Indian
Halia (ha-LEE-ah) - Hawaiian for remembering or "in memory of". Would be followed by Teryn for my dad, Terence, who died when I was nine.
Aishwarya (ash-WAR-ee-ah) - like the gorgeous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai
Satchel (perhaps, but I do prefer it for a boy)
Anais - (Ah-nay-is) the writer Anais Nin (although Gavan feels this reminds him of an unmentionable body part). Hebrew for Grace.

Anyone who knows my family knows we have some very cool names on both sides. Unfortunately most of the names I really love are too popular right now, (Grace, Lily, Lila etc.) and I am just too contrary to have a top 100 name.

Feel free to leave me suggestions or comments.

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glenn-amanda said...

My vote is Paisley for a girl and Satchel for a boy. All of them are very cute though!

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