Wednesday, March 7, 2007

1/3 down!

I have officially reached the 12 week mark. Trimester 2 is looking good already. I feel great, energized without a stitch of morning sickness. What a relief! Just in time to enjoy the great weather that I am hoping continues all the way until November. I think I might be dreaming.

In anycase, having taken the day off yesterday, I spent the afternoon shopping and lunching in Kensington with a friend. Of course there was the requisite stop at Crave Cupcakes too, where no I couldn't buy just one, but brought home six.... for the family right? Right. Those cupcakes could turn even the most devout icing-hater into a convert. Lunch was had at Main Dish, a new little bistro/deli in Bridgeland and the turkey sanny I ordered was healthy and wonderful. It never occured to me to put guacamole and pancetta on a turkey sandwich, but the result was quite scrumptious. It was a fairly blissful day as far as my stomach was concerned.

We made a little trip down to Posh Mommy, formerly where GrowthSpurtz was, and I purchased a gorgeous nursing cover for Leanna and baby Isaac. Made by Baby Au-Lait, (formerly Hooter Hiders... hee hee), these covers are a chic way to maintain a shred of modesty while feeding baby. The best part of them is their ingenious boning at the top of the cover that allows you to still view baby feeding without anyone else getting flashed. The fabrics are gorgeous too.

I bought the Windsor pattern below for Lea, and am currently in-love with the Lily or TemplePink for myself. Perhaps the Paisley (one of our favnames for a girl), or Mayfair?? Oh how does one choose? In anycase, check out to pick your favorite print and for instructions on use.

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