Friday, March 2, 2007

It's for real!

We had our first ultrasound today, and got to see the proof of our baby making efforts! I had forgotten how wondrous that first moment is. The tech was going about her work, making small talk, none of which was related to the baby, and then she said, "your little munchkin is sure moving around in there." I looked over at Gavan, and his face had just lit up and he had this adorable smile plastered on his mug. Confirmation! There really is a baby in there and it's well and kicking... literally! The little monkey made it hard for her to get a heartbeat, and almost impossible for her to get the neck measurement that is vital to the Nuchal ultrasound which helps in diagnosing increased odds of Downs or Trisomy. After emptying my bulging, over-full bladder a little (like that's a super easy thing to do) and calling in another tech. our little imp cooperated and gave them what they needed. Meanwhile, Daddy got a good show even though Mommy missed out on most of it. (That's ok, I'm just doing all the work growing you and providing you life, I don't actually need to see you!!)

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