Thursday, February 15, 2007

Things I love

Miraculously, I am starting to feel better. It almost seems like a trick of the imagination, but yes, there are starting to be minutes, even hours of the day, where I do not feel as though I have been sailing the capsizing waters of the seven seas. I have not gained any weight yet, but wonder how long that will last now that I am able to not only consume food, but to keep it down.

The cravings vary. Last night I wanted Jello of all things. Jello? Are you kidding me? Usually I consider Jello a second class treat only appropriate for children, toothless adults or dieters. Nothing about it appeals to me in the least, but for some reason last night, I thought nice big bowl with a dollop of whipped cream would hit the spot.

I drove Hubs nuts with the requests for KD. Being the loving husband that he is, he made me good old macaroni and cheese, but no, I had to have the original Kraft Dinner in all it's orange processed powdered cheese glory. It didn't disappoint.

I also find myself with a hankering for all foods ethnic. Vietnamese, sushi (which largely I must avoid), Indian... YUM! Hopefully I can avoid the heartburn long enough to indulge my spicy tooth for even a short while.

Valentines Day passed quietly. We made no plans because being Wednesday, with Thyra and I off to meeting, it makes it challenging to have a romantic dinner of any sort, unless you consider take-out romantic I suppose. In anycase, none of the above occured, due to a killer headache and utter exhaustion, but there is always other nights which will hopefully be given to expressions of love than just the Hallmark Holiday, forced upon us. Tonight, being childless and having tomorrow off, we may try to visit Vicious Circle, where it all started, for some pot stickers and thai chicken bites. Can't wait.


Lori said...

Hi and Congratulations! I only just came across your blog and wow, fun times ahead! Morning sickeness - have you tried motion sickness wrist bands? They SAVED me on my first 3 months, as I had it bad! Just a thought! Take care and hi to your sweet Thyra and your hubby that I haven't met!
Lori Cortez (Lewis)

Vinestomp said...

Hi Lori!!

Thanks for leaving a comment... it's good to hear from you, and I hope you and your adorable boys, yes all three, are doing well!

I tried the bands with Thyra, and found they didn't do much, so I was probably using them wrong, but I am actually feeling better now, so I'll have to save your tip for next time... wink wink! Thanks for the advice though. I'm sure you have lots of great tips, so keep sharing!

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