Thursday, June 21, 2007


blood pressure is high... blah blah. I love these weekly trips to L&D, where I leave looking like a heroin victim from the needle pokes. Apparently my veins don't cooperate so the blood is usually collected from my hand which is super fun. Regardless, Dr. C is threatening (sounds more like a promise to me) to put me on medical leave by next weds. if I don't recover. I'm sure once he is updated about the events of today he may want to do something sooner. I can't say I'm disappointed. Work is a GONG show, and I can literally feel the stress come over me like a heavy cloud when I am there. We are so short-staffed, which I like in some ways because it means more business for me, but its almost too much to handle. And the baby brain is really not helping. I have made some really dumb mistakes lately which makes me more stressed and just adds to my list of things I have to accomplish each day. Right about now, a summer home, relaxing with the Turk sounds pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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