Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tomorrow will be....

one year since I said, "I do"
one year since I became Mrs. Brown
one year since we had all our friends and family surround us with love as we made vows to each other
one year since the dreams of a lifetime came true
one year since I became a bonafide wife to an incredible man
one year since our little family became official
one year since the most beautiful day I could ever imagine was reality.

It has gone so fast, this year, and I can remember every detail of our wedding like it was yesterday. Our wedding day was so beautiful and our honeymoon so amazing that I sometimes can't believe that it all happened.... to me! Here I am a year later, with little feet and elbows poking out of my belly. Love just keeps growing and getting bigger until sometimes I wonder how my heart can contain it all. I would do all of it over in a heartbeat if I had the chance. My husband is truly incredible and I can't wait to celebrate our anniversary for so many more years to follow.

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