Wednesday, June 27, 2007

House Wife... officially!!

I am done work! Not quite the way I planned, but done all the same. BP has remained high, so Dr. C gave my walking papers today. Unfortunately he also said no housework (yeah I'm all choked up) or no trips to the mall. Gulp. I will be monitoring my own BP at home 2x/day with strict instructions to go in to L&D the moment it gets to a certain level.

This also means we are unable to go to Vancouver this weekend which I am very disappointed about, but know if it means the health of my baby and of me as well that it is a worthwhile sacrifice.

In the meantime I am extending a warm welcome to all of my friends to stop by and keep me company. Just don't mind the dishes in the sink. I am so looking forward to some long lazy days with Thyra this summer. It will be a treat to be off with her, even if we can't do much. I'm sure I'll go a little crazy, but we can laze about on the swing outside, reading books and sipping lemonade. Doesn't sound too bad to me!

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