Thursday, July 5, 2007

I know the Dr. said no shopping, but.....

Today I finally had a chance to check out Bug and Blossom in North Hill Shopping Centre. My excuse was that I was already out for my weekly appointment with the baby doctor. (Nevermind that the OB office is on the other side of the city from the mall.) In anycase, I was very impressed with all I found there! The store is jam-packed with every conceivable baby item you could ever want. The owner told me they have been in business for two years... who knew?? But then who ever goes to North Hill? This might be my only reason to.

The store could use a little merchandising help as I found it overwhelming to peruse all their great items packed in to too little square footage. They could also use a logo re-design. The store name is so cute, but the logo is a little commonplace and needs some modernization and some freshening up. It's a little too juvenile or cutesy for my oh-so-sophisticated taste.

However I know we have all been taught not to judge a book by its cover, and this was the perfect example of why you shouldn't. Inside I found every fabulous product that has been on my must have list since I peed on a stick:

Bumbo seats
Baby Legs (Oh yes I bought the cutest argyle pair... couldn't leave empty handed could I?)
Sophie the Giraffe teether
Adorable soother clips
A fabulous assortment of vintage styled and leather bibs
Baby toiletries (Sweetleaf, Burt's Bees, Bug & Pickle)
Skip Hop diaper bags/change pads
Minky blankets/bathrobes
Boon bathroom products
Cuddle wraps and swaddlers
Taggies of every shape and size
Lamaze toys

and a bevy, or even plethora if you will, of all necessary and cute-as-a-button baby gadgets and accessories.

There's also plenty of toys and games for the bigger kids too, so I'd advise leaving the siblings at home whilst you shop for bebe. Unless of course constant chorus of "oh mom, pleeeeeease" is music to your ears.

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