Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Worry Worry Worry

Motherhood is a lesson in anxiety.

From the moment the test comes back positive, worrying becomes the staple of every mother-to-be's mental diet. You worry about your health, the baby's health, your body, your finances, your marriage, your other children, your career.....

Pregnancy the 2nd time around has it's benefits, definetly less anxiety and fear than the first time, but it does not immunize you against worrying about everything you have already worried about the first time.

This week I am a ball of stress because I had a battery of tests done last week in relation to my high blood pressure. My follow up appointment is on Thursday, but the clinic has called and asked me to come in tomorrow. Why? That's the worrying part. It could be something as simple as a scheduling issue, or it could be a concerning test result from the blood/urine test or ultrasound I had last week.

Suspense is not conducive to low blood pressure, I'm pretty sure. In any case, we shall be enlightened this afternoon... not soon enough.

1 comment:

mandypants said...

Now you have the rest of us worrying! What was it?

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