Monday, August 13, 2007

Where has the time gone?

Ok, so I realized I left you readers (or reader rather, Amanda you may be the only one!) in suspense with my last post.

Well of course, the early appointment was requested to free up my OB's schedule as opposed to any urgent matter that might need to be discussed. Gavan just shook his head at me like I was a crazy person, but hey, that's what being a parent is all about.

Since then, the baby has been breech, but is currently back in the proper head down position. At our last ultrasound he weighed 5.5 lbs approx. already! Yikes... I think an early delivery is definetly in order. I have a feeling this kid has some cheeks already.

Convention was lovely, but hot and arduous. For anyone "planning" their conception dates I would highly recommend avoiding late pregnancy at whatever time of year convention happens to be in your neck of the woods. We did however survive, although I think I was as social as a mole. Popping out of my little corner of shade for only meetings and food occasionally.

Since then, we have had no end of setbacks with my nesting projects. Gavan required emergency surgery and so that put our "reno" weekend on hold indefinetly. BAD timing? Well I do console myself with the thought that it could have been worse..... like while I was in labour, but it is certainly not the best time for this to have all occured. The main thing is that my poor hubs will be fit and able and healthy to enjoy his little munchkin whenever that day comes.

And speaking of "that day", I am hoping it is sooner than later. I am getting supremely tired of being pregnant. I'm hoping for the early eviction notice as sleeping has become an olympic event. It's almost worth it just to stay up these days than to expend the energy necessary to get comfortable enough to catch a few moments of shut-eye before nature calls again. Luckily for me we have several million things to keep us busy over the next few days and fewer weeks that should hopefully make the time pass quickly. My cousin, Lori, has generously organized a baby shower for me this coming Sunday, and the rest of the weekend will be taken up with our pre-natal classes! It's all terribly exciting, but just means another weekend of no time left to work on the nursery. I know I know the baby will be fine with an incomplete bedroom, but let me tell you the "nesting" instinct we mothers develop is not a fan of mess or undone project lists. It's all a little frustrating.

In anycase, I shall be thankful for the things that truly matter... like healthy daddies, and kind friends and family and the anticipation of the new little life to come!


Lori said...

Darling, remember your tummy is the best incubator for the baby, don't rush it! I hated my OB/GYN my last 2 months while on bedrest, wanting the C-sec now, but she kept saying I could do it and gave us a tour of the NICU. Good incentive to grin and bare the uncomfortableness, and believe me I understand that! Not preaching, just encouraging you to hang in there!!!!! :-) Like I know anything eh, and you've been through this before!

mandypants said...

Thanks for the update!! :)

Vinestomp said...

Oh man Lori. I think twins is a completely different story, so I will keep my mouth shut. I'm sure nothing I've gone through even compares! I definetly don't want the baby too early, but right at full term would be good!

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