Friday, August 17, 2007


Diaper bags have come a long way since the last time I was in the market. When Thyra was born, they were all mushy, gathered childish blobs of bags that no adult in their right mind would actually want to carry. Amidst the puppies and ducks and teddy bears, the best I managed to find was a navy and white polka dotted bag, but it was far from attractive.

This time around, the choices are endless and overwhelming! The bags are much more suited to career or fashion conscious women and the prices reflect as much. I have had a hard time picking something this time too. I have had some confusion based on my previous diaper bag buying experience. Seeing as we know the sex of the baby, do I buy a bag that looks like it is for me, which may include all things girly and pink, or do I buy something that reflects that our baby's gender? Is the bag for him or for me? If I get a feminine bag will others automatically assume our child is a girl? Diaper bag angst I'll tell ya. I haven't quite been able to get over that issue so my search had to include bags that weren't too feminine, but still appealed to me.

Petunia Picklebottom is well known for their over the top bags which include asian brocaded fabric and dry clean only cleaning options. Yeah, really practical when you have an infant. Their bags are pretty enough, and I had a moderate amount of affection for them, until I stumbled upon their Cake line. And then all my practical resolve flew out the window as I imagined myself toting one of these beauties around. Even the names they bestow these practically edible bags is enough to make you drool. Lemon Chiffon? Blueberry Crumble? Wow. Too bad they retail at $325 US. I guess my practical side didn't completely disappear. But swoon and sigh I still will. For a lower pricepoint is the still beautiful tweed MeadowLark bag which appeals to my vintage sensibilities. I love the quirkiness of this bag and it comes in a bigger boxier style as well. But it is still cloth, and requires drycleaning... am I really up for that challenge? I wasn't sure.

So still on my quest, I stopped in at the new Mom Store in Chinook Mall to see what offerings they could procure. They carried the usual Fleurville, Skiphop and Caden Lane bags. All are kind of boring, and too utilitarian for my liking. However they do carry some of the JP Lizzy line that I hadn't become acquainted with yet. The bags are cute, have all the necessary diaper bag function, and come with some cute extras. Better yet, they were 25% off! I decided washable vinyl was a better idea than cloth, and bit the bullet and took one home. I'm pretty happy with it, and it actually, accidentally, matches our carseat perfectly. The hubs likes it too, even though I still plan to get him a more manly version.

So without further ado, here is Diaper Bag, Round 1. Pretty isn't she?
Now I can finally pack the baby's stuff for the hospital and cross one more item off my list!

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