Monday, July 14, 2008


Welcome to our newest little friends

Jace Ryder Stewart
8lbs 3oz

Congratulations to Wade and Leanna Stewart and big brother Isaac!

Jace was diagnosed with Pulmonary Stenosis, a congenital heart defect, before he was born. This diagnosis brought his family to Edmonton, where Jace could be treated as soon as he was born. The necessary procedure was performed and little Jace was released to the care of his parents and able to come home to Calgary after close to 3 wks. Since then, he has had to return to the Children's hospital in Calgary due to some complications with his breathing, and is currently in ICU.

This is not the way any parent imagines their precious newborn beginning life, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Stewart family as they endure this most heart-wrenching of experiences. So far, Jace shows all the signs of being a feisty little fighter, having endured more in his little life than any child should have to, and we're all in his corner hoping that he comes through each battle with flying colors!

last but not least......

It's a girl for Preya and Dayne Kells, and a sister for Matteo and Tiego:

Yasmin Kayley Kells
9lbs 6oz

welcome to the family little princess! We desperately needed another girl to help balance out the abundance of little boys we have all seemed to sire.

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