Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Onwards and Upwards

Wow. I feel like a neglectful parent. Except for the fact that being an attentive parent is exactly why this blog has suffered. I do have to concede that there has been a wee amount of time being spent in other internet arenas. (FB and WB for the initiated.)

So to update you all quickly, here is the news in a nutshell:

In January, just before Malachi's 5 month birthday, we discovered that we are having another baby. Egads, to put it mildly. Once the initial shock wore off, we were, and are, pleased as punch that our family is becoming more complete so quickly. We are 99.9% sure that #3 will be our last child, at least last child borne by me, and so this is allowing us to move ahead with our lives with some idea of how the future will look.

The due date is September 26th, which is only a week after Malachi was due, but considering he was induced three weeks early, we may be lucky enough to squeeze 13 months between them. My big goal is that Malachi is walking before the new baby comes, so that I am not having to lug him around as well.

Baby numero trois, has been tentatively pronounced male, which we totally anticipated, and we are so thrilled at the thought of having a little playmate for Malachi and another brother for Thyra.

Of course having babies so close, brings along the quest for some new baby items, such as a double stroller, and larger diaper bag. I may even succumb and look for a playpen this time around. In anycase, half the fun of being pregnant is discovering all the gizmos and gadgets out there in babyland, so stay-tuned as I navigate through the craziness once again.

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