Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sugar and spice, and everything nice!

I'm totally enthralled with my wonderful little son. I'm beyond thrilled that we are expecting another boy, and that Thyra and Malachi will have a brother. I'm grateful that I have gotten to experience the joy of having a daughter, an amazing one at that.

BUT.... (you knew there was a but coming, didn't you!) But, I see things for girls, things that were beyond my reach or simply unavailable when Thyra was small, and I get a small pang, right about the area where my womb lies.

Deepening the longing is the discovery of beyond beautiful hand-smocked dresses by Perry Winkles Kids, a mother-daughter team in Toronto. Anyone who knows me, knows I like kids to look like kids, and find classic wear for children totally appealing, yet very hard to find. I mean who could resist the pull of cardigan-ed, be-ribboned, curly-haired girls in frocks such as these.

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