Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Malachi is ONE!

My little baby boy is a whole year old. The year went so fast, and he has changed so much as they do in this first 12-month period of life. Although I can see how much he has grown and changed he still seems like my baby, especially in comparing him to Thyra, who at that same age could walk and talk. That will change very soon, as the new one makes his appearance, but for now I'm glad to squeeze a few more weeks of "babyness" out of him.

We had a great party to celebrate this milestone. The weather wasn't ideal, but cooperated in the sense that we had no rain, and I think everyone had fun despite the mild temperature. Malachi had an absolute ball. He enjoyed being serenaded by Happy Birthday, dove into the cupcakes and presents like he'd done it all a million times before. I was thrilled with the stuff I'd ordered from Gaddie and Tood! It looked awesome with the Martha Stewart monkey cake, and cupcakes ordered to match courtesy of Crave (of course).

Gaddie and Tood invites

Birthday boy upon awakening

Party stuff

Happy Birthday to You

Mmmm, Crave Cupcakes!

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