Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kashton Shepherd Brown

6lbs 8.25oz
20.5 inches

Monkey #2 has arrived. I have produced offspring for a third, (and hopefully) final time. You know what they say... the third time's a charm and labour was a mere 5 hours.... lucky me! Short-lived misery did not detract from the miraculousness of it all in any way, something I wish someone had mentioned the first two go-rounds.

A good part of Kashton's birth eerily mimicked Malachi's, and so I have spared you all the down and dirty details here, but they have all been recorded for posterity's sake, and so if you're nosy and want the full story, just let me know and I'll email you the long version.

As for new son....we love him so much already. Although perhaps "regard fondly" would more aptly describe the sentiments expressed thus far by big brother Malachi and our dethroned dog-children, Gromit and Pixie.

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