Monday, October 13, 2008

super what?

Since the birth of our new son, there has been a strange word floating around my facebook page that has me caught a little off guard. Me thinks the term


is being used a little too loosely these days if you people are tossing it around in description of the likes of me. I'm pretty sure that to actually warrant that title, one must occasionally get themselves, or even their super-kids, dressed in a given day and perhaps feign interest in conjuring up a real meal for their loved ones.

Sorry to disappoint folks, but I definitely do not qualify for the bestowing of such a lofty title.

However, should you insist...

I could certainly don a cape while tackling my most ambitious endeavours; like peeing whilst holding (or better yet: nursing) an infant, or surviving on mere banana-bread for the 6th consecutive day in a row or perhaps most impressively of all remembering to use breast pads thus saving the couch/bedlinens/newborn from the perils of an over-active letdown. Yes its glamourous being a super-mom... now where is my side-kick??

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