Thursday, November 6, 2008

Guilty admission

Am I bad mom for being happy my kid is sick? Aside from cleaning up toddler vomit all day yesterday, (because Malachi had the same virus that Thyra and Gavan had last week), I thoroughly enjoyed having him not at his best.

Not at his best meant he laid around lethargically all day. It meant not having to worry about meals and snacks because he had no appetite. It meant the toys stayed in the toy box, the tupperware in the cupboard and the dogs food in the dog bowls. It meant I could hear myself think. It meant Kashton actually got some attention. (And the baby is smiling at everything... who knew?)

But most of all it meant a day of quiet snuggles with a boy who is usually too busy to tolerate too many hugs or endless smooching. In his sick state he was the very best kind of mama's boy.

While I hate to think of him not feeling well, and anticipate the return of his monkey antics and with it the noise of shrieks and giggles, I will admit to kinda enjoying this little break from crazy.

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alisa said...

I can understand Sharmi. It's not that you're happy he's sick, but rather happy that he was still enough so that you could enjoy him & take life at a slower pace. It's great to have a moment to enjoy everything around you! That's nothing to feel guilty about.

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