Monday, November 24, 2008

I survived this, where's my t-shirt?

7:00 pm - Baby M in bed
7:30 pm - Baby K commences fussiness requiring constant bouncing, nursing, jostling, cuddling until 11:30 pm.
*Hubs would like me add that his hard drive crashes and he loses 500gb of data off his computer.
11:30 pm - Baby M wakes up. I notice nursery is kind of coldish, not unusual, but it seems more nippy than most nights. I tell Hubs, I think the window is not quite shut or sealed all the way, something I'm not equipped to deal with due to my genetically challenged status in the height dept.
12:00 pm - Hubs goes to examine nursery windows to ensure they are shut properly.
12:30 am - Hubs wraps up his window investigation somewhat unsuccessfully, and it's still cold.
1:00 am - Hubs takes Baby M to bed with him and realizes that the extra chill on our main level means something is wrong with the furnace, which at the end of November, is awesome timing.
1:30 am - Hubs and I try to fix the heat problem meaning Hubs is actively tinkering with thermostat/furnace, while I am on google looking for possible answers.
2:00 am - Both levels of the house are becoming quite cold, but Hubs cannot figure out what's going on and goes to bed. I spend a half hour worrying about what's wrong with the furnace and if we'll have the money to fix it. I decide I better sleep on the couch with Baby K so that Baby M can stay in a warm bed with his dad.
2:15 am - I'm just snuggling into a warm blanket on the couch when Baby K wakes up hungry, and after nursing, resumes previous fussiness. I make tea, clean the kitchen and settle in to baby-calming mode. Bad movie on tv about some girl who decides to make a documentary wearing a fat suit to understand how life treats those of us with jiggly thighs and a second chin.
3:00 am - Baby K falling asleep, but I'm wide awake thanks to a full pot of black tea.
3:30 am - It feels like it might be getting a bit warmer, but I'm not sure yet.
4:00 am - it's definitely warmer, and getting almost too warm thanks to the cranked up thermostat and sure enough I notice the furnace is working perfectly again. Bad movie over just in time... Baby K is up again, and wants to nurse.
4:15 am - Baby K is cooing away and filling his diaper.
4:30 am - Said diaper is now over full and leaking out all over my clothes and hands
4:45 am - Baby K is cleaned up and freshly diapered and I am cleaned up too
4:50 am - I step in a pile of dog poop on the way back down to get a clean sleeper for Baby K
5:00 am - I move Baby M from our bed to his own, he luckily stays asleep
5:10 am - Baby K and I go to bed, but oh, not quite sleeping, as Baby K still has 20 minutes worth of squawking left to do.
8:00 am - Hubs wakes up, and is very late. Older daughter has left for school without saying a word to anyone, Baby M awake in his crib demanding breakfast, and the previously poop-covered foot lands in a puddle of suspicious looking liquid upon trying to let the dogs out for the morning pee.

Le sigh. A breathtaking sunrise is a wee bit of a consolation prize, but I think it's going to be a long day.

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letisha said...

hey...just caught up with your blog...So cute and very entertaining! You have such a way with words...a real gift!

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