Monday, December 1, 2008

before I forget

I made the baby laugh last week. His first little giggles are so sweet! It's fun finding out who this new little person is. So far, I like him!

Malachi has his first two molars, and likes to use them. Ouch.

In baby news:

Little India Adrienne Hughes was born on Nov. 20th. Yay for a girl! A sister for Shiloh and another little doll to dress up and coo over. The boys are less impressed, but they're slowly coming around. We like to tease her parents that at 8lbs 11oz, India is the runt of the family! Congratulations Hughes family!

My good friend Amanda is going to be a mommy!!! This news is thrilling for so many reasons, not least of all that she has had to endure countless coffees and get-togethers with those of us already in the "mom" club and suffered through endless discussions around parenting in general over the last few years. Baby Pipke is due June 12th, and we will be eagerly awaiting his/her arrival. (I almost just wrote "her". Hmmm... a girl perhaps?)
Congratulations Glenn and Amanda!

My friend Sue gave birth to her little girl, Hayley a couple weeks ago, and they are coming over today. Can't wait to meet her!

India and Hayley are only weeks younger than Kashton, but it makes such a HUGE difference at this age. By this time next year, you'll hardly know the difference.

Aside from that, I think everyone I know is pregnant or has just had a baby. There honestly has to be something in the water. The stork is going to be busy in the next few months, with deliveries expected at the following households:

Kellie and Reid Anderson - January 16th
Coreen and Ryan Bailey - February
Patty-jo and Corey Puffalt - April 18th
Katrina and Kent Affleck -
Marci and Ryan Moe -
Larissa and Carson Seeber - May 28th
Gelila and Calvin Mast - May 22nd
Amanda and Kipp Sakundiak
Griselda and Jeff Macdonald
Allison and Jayden Massey - April 18th
Amanda and Glenn Pipke - June 12th
Julie and Rod Blonke - June

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mandypants said...

Thanks for the mention! Just think of all the knowledge I gleaned listening to all you awesome moms. I'm the lucky one!

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