Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthdays, milestones and stuff...

Can I just say how pleased I am that my husband is finally celebrating the last year of his 20's?

He likes to harass me about my age, and the fact that I am in a whole other age range than he is, but in 365 days, the mocking will cease. Well until I turn 40??

I think I will begin a countdown to his 30th birthday. Everyday I will rub my hands together in evil anticipation of the nearing of his middle-agedness.

For now...

Happy 29th Birthday Husband!
(enjoy every minute!!)

Kashton is also 4 months old already, and has entered the era of the bib. He's figured out how to blow bubbles and make raspberries, and he is constantly covered in spit and drool. It's so cute, and so icky all at the same time. But I could seriously eat that kid up. He gets more delicious every day, and is so full of smiles and glee that I can't resist him.

Malachi's word of the week is "uck", as in YUCK. He says it every time I change his or Kashton's diaper.

I think he has the concept down.


mandypants said...

Oh dear, that is just reminding me that I only have a few months left in my 20's. Sigh....

letisha said...

HILARIOUS!...wish you lived closer. would be so nice for the boys to play together!

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