Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's been a long month...

I was hoping no one would notice, but it's kinda hard not to observe that there is a glaring lack of photos on this blog of late. There is also an album missing from my FB page, which should be titled "January 09". Oops.

(My apologies 2nd child... you really do get the shaft.)

In all fairness, this month was so riddled with colds and viruses and flus and infections and snow and cold, that I just couldn't get it together to charge the battery on the camera and snap a few photos of my kids in their runny-nosed misery.

Anyways, what was there to document this month?

The piles of used and discarded tissues on every surface?

The overflowing laundry baskets ripe with neglect?

The dirty floors and unmade beds?

Not something anyone needs to see.

Ok, so it wasn't a great start to the year, but there's still one day left in this January, the longest month of any year, and I intend to come through.


mandypants said...

Maybe it means that you are getting all of the "crappy" stuff out of the way and the rest of the year will be a breeze!! :)

letisha said...

aw man, i feel your pain! hang in there...
Just think, Feb. is around the corner....and there is Valentine's day!!!! (my favorite holiday aside from Christmas) Get your hubby to take u out of a hot date!

Cody, Amanda and Kade said... poor thing. Well just think Feb is now here and you can start fresh...:) I hope no more sickies.

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