Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're all in this together...

Both kids are napping, (which makes me feel like I won the lottery), so I'd better type fast. In other words, please excuse all spelling and grammatical errors.

The other day, I was explaining to a friend a philosophy I have on coping with the trials of motherhood, and really life in general when she announced that said philosophy was something she had in fact learned from me. I was surprised, taken-aback, and I have to confess, a little flattered.

Someone learned something from ME? Who woulda thunk?

It got me to thinking though, that having a network of friends, all experiencing the same thing at the same time is a blessing I often take for granted. I realized that I too have learned so much from the women in my life who are struggling through the daily grind of parenting, just as I am.

Some things I have learned from them are:

*nap when the baby naps. (no really, this will preserve your sanity.)
*perfection is not possible and thank goodness for that.
*if you have a sense of humour people will still want to visit you even if your house is a mess and all you have to feed them from is a can of soup.
*all of us have post-baby insecurities about our bodies, regardless of what we started with.
*you can never read too many books to your kids.
*retail therapy is a bonafide way of chasing away the blues.
*every mom needs a break once in awhile irrelevant of her super-mom status.
*its ok to ask for help.
*even though we have different ideas and ways of parenting, our kids are all very loved.
*no one has a perfect husband or marriage or house or life..... even if you think they do.
*any sacrifice required to stay home with my kids will be worth it in the long run. (So long new shoes, sandy beaches and regular salon appointments).
*a praying mother and a safe example are the best gifts I can give my children.
*a little dirt isn't going to kill anyone.... even if its ingested. (Same goes for dog food and bugs)

I'm sure there's so much more, but the house is still silent, and I might actually get a shower in if I'm lucky, or finally get to drink that coffee I've re-heated 5 times already today.


letisha said...

hee hee hee...i love your blog, man....well, i better go get my boy who has been playing in the tub for...close to an hour now!

mandypants said...

Thanks for the wonderful advice from a wonderful mom!

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