Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick notes from the homefront

Malachi is talking a lot! I haven't counted, but I bet he says well over a hundred words now. He says cheese, apple (ap-pow) and cookie. He sings along to "head and shoulders, KNEEEES and toes". He tries to copy everything we say, complete with hand gestures and tones. Like yelling at the dogs to stop barking at our poor mail lady. Or exclaiming "no no no" with a big frown as he empties the recycling bin for the 50 billionth time today. Yikes.

He says "bookah bookah" for book and "bootah bootah" for boot. "You" involves a ridiculous amount of lip involvement, but he's pretty close most of the time, and his little mispronounciations make me laugh.

However, where this comes from I'll never know:

Grapes is "blugghh". Every single time. I think he is trying to say the "gr" sound, and it comes out as "bl", and then its like he just gives up. Word vomit really, but so cute and weird.

Kashton is sitting up on his own momentarily. He's digging the jumperoo, and laughs at everything. I have to say, I find the 4-6 month stage really challenging. He wants to do so much but doesn't quite have the ability yet. It makes for a really long and challenging day, when he is no longer content to lie on his back. Another month, and hopefully he'll have mastered sitting up, and we'll be onto solids, so that should ease some of the disconnect between his brain and body. It's also been so fun to watch my two little boys develop a growing relationship. It's very obvious to see that there is real affection between them, and the older Kashton gets, the more I can see that these two are going to be great pals, and occasional sparring partners in the not too distant future.

Thyra, who could speak perfectly clearly by age 2, and could carry on a totally grown-up conversation, even throwing around words such as "prehensile", (I'm not actually kidding, and there's many a witness who can attest to her overly verbal abilities as a toddler), is still wowing us with her smarts. Her 3rd term report card today was full of glowing remarks and lofty percentages, and she is the recipient of an "honors with distinction" award yet again this term. So far she is an exemplary student, and I have my fingers crossed that she avoids the many pitfalls of teenage behaviour that I fell headlong into, and keeps up the hard work.

So on this normal Thursday afternoon, this is where my kids are at, and these are some things I don't want to forget.


mandypants said...

Awww, thanks for the updates on the cuties! My goodness but time is flying!

letisha said...

sounds like your 'little ones' get their "gift of the gab" from their mama!!!

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