Friday, April 24, 2009

In the doghouse

So my long story about my runaway dogs has an unfortunate Part Two that can be blamed on no one but myself.  

Basically, it sums up like this:

Impound fee: $40 x 2 =$80
NSF fee by my bank $42.50 
NSF fee by the city: $25.00
Total cost of dogs 10 minute adventure: $147.50.  

NSF you ask?? Yes that's right... I bounced a cheque to the city of calgary.  All mortification aside, especially after the  frantic call (in error) to Thyra's piano teacher, (who happens to be a friend of mine and is the ONLY person I write cheques to for, coincidentally, the same amount) I was so angry with myself for this costly oversight.  At his request, I had written the nice impound officer a cheque on an account we never use,  because it was the only account that we even have cheques for, and then promptly forgot all about, including the part where I should have transferred funds in to cover it!   I mean WHO even uses cheques these days?  Sheesh.  

Let me also add that I am staff at said bank.... GRRRR!  Shouldn't there be perks or benefits for this sort of thing?  Never mind that I have not worked a day there in coming up on two years... I did put in a decade worth of blood sweat and tears before diving into motherhood full time. 

But I digress.... 

It seems that aside from having learned that my dogs - when feeling neglected - will find a way to make me pay, I have discovered that so will my book keeping.  I think simplicity is the name of the game here... and something has gotta go.  Extra dogs and extra bank accounts just all seem like too much confusion for someone with as many depleted brain cells as I have.  

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