Monday, April 27, 2009

Labour Pains

The arrival of Spring in Calgary is like the meteorological equivilent of childbirth.  

Basically it's long and painful with hardly any progress.  And just as new mothers know how inexplicably the pangs of birth are long forgotten once that new little life has been born, allowing us to repeat the process a time or two again, likewise it seems us Calgarians have short memories for the arduous labour from which Spring in our city is birthed.

All of this to say that it has snowed again.  Yes, at the end of April.  I don't like it, but it is hardly new or surprising.   We go through the same ritual every year, of putting away the winter gear -exchanging the shovel for a rake, the snow tires for all-seasons and our Sorel's for flipflops - and still we never learn....

that it will snow again.... it always does. 

And just like childbirth, I can guarantee it will hurt. 
And just like childbirth, the payoff, when it comes will be so worth it.


Sharmilla said...

Next year I'd like an epidural in the form of Hawaii or Cuba or something...

sassta said...

i like

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