Thursday, May 21, 2009

I have a problem, it's true.

Because I am lazy, I am making a blog post out of a comment I made on someone else's blog not too long ago. (Thanks Robin for the permission to cut and paste!)

Her much more succinct post was about how men and women load the dishwasher completely differently, and this being a topic of which I have a huge soapbox for and like to climb on frequently and spew opinions about how to correctly load a dishwasher to anyone in earshot... (mostly frequently my husband), I thought I should just post the comment itself with some photos (which really do speak a thousand words) so that you can all either label me certifiable, or hopefully just feel my pain.

And it is pain.

Firstly, here is the comment which shall now double as blog post:

Do you know about my OCD issues with the dishwasher? Just this very day, I opened it after my husband had loaded it (I use the word "loaded" loosely, more like threw things in and hoped for the best) and took everything out and reloaded it. Properly. According to me.

Seriously, he had things upside down and sideways and backwards. I realize that its probably not necessary to arrange the dishes by type and size, like I do, but COME ON!

I do try to bite my tongue and tell myself over and over that I should just be glad its done and that they will still get clean, but I have a really hard time with this.

Sadly my dishwasher OCD doesn't just end with my husband. If you are my friend, at my house and trying to be helpful, maybe just wipe the table or put things in the sink. I tend to twitch and go squirrely at the sight of someone else's hands in my DW.

And now for the pudding....

Gavan's idea of loading the dishwasher looks like this:

Top shelf
Bottom Rack

Did he seriously just put a huge pan on the top shelf and throw the huge colander in while a stack of dishes sat in the sink? Are those bowls hiding under the pots and glasses randomly loaded all willy-nilly like? I can't take it!

How I load the dishwasher: (Same dishes plus a bunch more that I could fit in)

Top Rack

Bottom Rack

Please tell me I'm not the only one out there with some kind of appliance OCD....

What is hands off in your household?

(Someday I'll tell you about the time Gavan thought the rice steamer was the same thing as the crockpot.)

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Anonymous said...

BAHAA,,,I was going to say you were certifiable, until I saw the ghastly job your hubby did..truly I would have been sick if that was my dishwasher

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