Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Friday Haircuts

My children were in desperate need of a little summer shearing, so we kicked off the long weekend in style with haircuts at Melonheads.

This was only Malachi's second professional haircut, the first being before his first birthday, so I was a little nervous about how he'd do. Worried for nothing... he sat like a champ, totally distracted by his choo-choo chair and with a little car for each hand. I had to reward his great behaviour with a new BUS, even if I was a little sad to see all those gorgeous mahogany locks all over the floor and my little boy looking like he was twelve. There's nothing quite like a haircut to grow them up in an instant!


And the Princess getting pampered:


letisha said...

Oh he is so cute! I love his thick hair!
He sure was good getting his haircut.
I had a hard time with Jackson...even smarties didn't make him happy.

Anonymous said...

tres adoreable

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