Monday, July 20, 2009

Convention 2009

It was so much work packing and getting ready to spend 4 days away with 3 children by myself. Add pink eye and viral illnesses, and we didn't quite make it up there until Thursday afternoon, but we did get there, and I'm learning not to fret over the small things. Especially because the moment I stepped onto the grounds, I immediately was reminded how worth the effort it was.

It was so funny to see Malachi in his element with all the freedom to run run run, and even though he was sick managed to get completely filthy between every meeting, especially with the large dirt patch right in front of our trailer. He loved sleeping in the trailer, all the snacks and new "quiet" toys I had purchased and having loads of attention from doting grandparents, and his adoring sister and all her baby-crazy friends.

Of course I pulled a newbie move, and packed all those lovely white Sunday outfits that normally get worn for an hour and then whipped off before he's allowed near food or anything else. Why didn't anyone tell me? It goes without saying that we changed clothes several times per day. This is the one time, my over-packing tendencies came in very useful. Next year, my boys will be in all dark clothes... brown maybe? Clothes aside, I don't think I saw him without a dirty face the entire time we were there. Between his crusty eyes and running nose, his face, hands and feet were just black, and one day I bathed him 3 times before just resigning myself to having a filthy little boy.

Kashton had a pretty good time too and discovered something we all know.... that convention food is soooo yummy. Unlike my other children, he is not the greatest eater, and hasn't done super well with solids, but I couldn't get enough food in him! He ate everything with great gusto, grunting in his demanding little manner for more the second there was nothing in front of him.

Thyra was a wonderful help to me of course, but I tried not to rely on her too much, as I wanted her to be able to participate in all of the things that make convention so special when you are young. She slept in the barn, waited on tables, sat with friends and cousins (passed some notes, I can guess), heard some talks from visiting workers and gave her testimony.

The overall experience very busy with my two little sickies, but luckily the weather was wonderful (if not a little hot for a couple of days), and I heard everything I desperately needed to hear, and came home feeling refreshed and renewed in spirit, even if I was physically exhausted.

Gavan joined us Saturday night, so having his help for Sunday really gave me a bit of a break and a chance to catch my breath and even take some notes finally! If you look through my notebook you can really tell what meetings I had some help for.... all the blank spaces are kind of telling. I'm sorry I didn't bring my camera, and I do have a photo or two of Malachi in the dirt on my phone, so when I get the chance I will add it to this post.

Next year will be a different kind of crazy with my two little guys running around and probably just as much work, but I can't wait.

This year, as Thyra was excitedly helping me prepare, she said, ""Mom, if convention is even anything like heaven, heaven will be the most amazing place ever."

More than ever before, I felt the same way this year.

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mandypants said...

Amen to all you said....just on my way out the door to 2nd Dids. I can't wait!

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