Sunday, July 12, 2009

While we wait.

This afternoon, in a mad (but joyous) panic, we dashed out of the house to pick up Gavan from the airport. It was with a sense of dread that I noticed my iphone was showing 2 texts from him. We were about a half block away, when I got the news that his flight was going to be very delayed.

From what I understood, there was a plumbing problem and their flight was diverted to Honolulu, which is where I thought he was. This was a big problem, meaning that it was unlikely he would get home tonight. I was not a happy camper with this development.

Fortunately I was wrong, and we actually managed to connect an hour later, and he informed me that they were actually in LA, but had been in Hawaii earlier, which is why he was so delayed.

This means he will get home 7 hours later than expected, but I am much happier knowing that he will make it before the day is over.

So how to kill a few hours now that the house is clean, laundry done and filet mignon is marinading in the fridge for a supper we maybe won't have?

Well, Preya made the most delightful Iced Tea at Yasmin's party the other night, and I decided to try and replicate it while I had some spare time. This is a recipe she learned while in Mozambique from another ex-pat, so I have no idea where it actually originates from, but it is very yummy and thirst-quenching.

My version:

-Steep 2-3 bags of black tea (I used good old Red Rose Orange Pekoe), in 1.5 litres of water until desired strength. (I like mine quite strong so that I can add as many ice cubes as I want with out diluting the taste.)
-Add a 1/2 litre of Apple Juice to the chilled tea.
-Add sugar to taste. (Preya recommended 1 cup, but I found 1/2 cup to be plenty.)
-Add a few mint leaves, (perhaps a sprig in your glass, mojito style?) squeeze in some fresh lime (or lemon), and add a slice for garnish.
-Pour over ice.
-Sip away and put your feet up.

taken with my iphone

This is a refreshing and a nicely unique version of the standard summertime fare and a useful diversion for us lonely critters, wiling away these last hours until the man of the house is home.

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letisha said...

ooohhhhh, that sounds heavenly! i think i will make mine for tomorrow. it's suppose to be a warm day....thanks for the recipe.

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