Saturday, July 11, 2009

With a name like Brown...

I shoulda known.

My poor little Kashton has Pink Eye. I'm pretty sure I'm getting it too, kinda like the thrush my older son passed on to my younger son, who is still nursing and passed it on to me.

So along with the purple tongues (and other unmentionable body parts), we now have pink eyes.

I'm starting to think that us Browns are making our way through every shade of illness in the rainbow. Is there any other colored illness I should be aware of? Yellow or Scarlet fever? I hope this is as far down the spectrum we get.

What's that you say? You would like a crayola-colored affliction too? Well don't be green with envy.... if we've seen you recently you probably have it too! We've already passed thrush along to India and Yasmin, and I'm sure the conjunctivitis is forthcoming for someone we've rubbed elbows with. (Sorry!)

We Browns would be Blue, but Gavan is coming home tomorrow. Orange you glad about that?

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