Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wee little bird

I want to tell you about my friend Christy.

Christy is a girl who attended the same high school as I for a couple of years and while we were in the same grade I didn't really know her. And then she did something really cool and went to school on a sailboat for our final year while I stayed behind and her jr. high boyfriend became my high school boyfriend. Which was really the only thing I actually knew about her.

And then after high school while that boy was my boyfriend off and on, he used to talk about her off and on and I could tell that there was a little note of longing in his voice that was definitely not there when he talked about me. This made me feel like I probably did not like Christy very much because I was pretty nuts about that boy and wanted him to be nuts about me. And perhaps more than dislike, I was actually a little intimidated and frightened of her apparent magical hold over my true love.

Well one day I went to a backyard gathering with the boyfriend to a house where Christy lived with a whole bunch of other roommates. And there amongst the large trees and campfire and candlelight I made a surprising discovery.... that Christy was in fact way cooler than the boy and much more worthy of my time and attention.

After a solid night of girl bonding, (which mostly involved boy-bashing), we became bonafide friends and our friendship continued over the years. I discovered that Christy was funny and warm and smart and interesting and nothing to be afraid of. She was also completely uninterested in my boyfriend which really endeared her to me. And when I said goodbye to the boyfriend for good, Christy was there cheering me on, firmly in my corner, a wonderful friend to commiserate with.

Over the years, Christy and I have not seen each other a whole lot. She has been busy with her work and new family as have I, but we still try to keep in touch every few months by phone or email, and get together with our kiddies when we can.

A few weeks ago, I ran into Christy and her family at Ikea and found out they were expecting their third baby sometime at the end of October. With many promises of getting together soon, I couldn't believe it when not very long after I discovered via Facebook (of course), that Christy was in the hospital trying to keep her baby from making an unfashionable early entrance.

I got up to the hospital to see her only once before getting completely sideswiped with a wedding, a funeral and general back to school craziness and then last week I discovered something else.

Christy did indeed have her baby, a 2nd daughter and sister to little Sophie and Ollie, early as feared. Wee little Sadie was born at 29 weeks. She is so tiny her weight is still relayed in grams. Christy and her husband Greg have started a blog to document Sadie's progress as she bulks up at the Foothills NICU, and I wanted to share it all with you.

It is a wonderful reminder for me of the miracle of life and of how often I take for granted the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth.

Congratulations to Greg, Christy, Sophie and Ollie on your precious new family member. Lots of love and prayers from all of us to you as you care for your sweet Sadie and many wishes for health and happiness to her and each of you.


Anonymous said...

dude- wow

sassta said...

i'm diggin the new digs

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